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With Vilnius’ dominant baroque architecture and Old World charm, UNESCO considers it Europe’s largest baroque town. However, it is not only Baroque that builds the city; there are also samples of Gothic and Renaissance art in the city. While the city has distinctive churches, both Orthodox and Catholic, it also boasts of the tallest Baltic skyscraper: the Europa Tower. They are all part of the overall eccentricity of Vilnius. Vilnius is also Lithuania’s largest and capital city. The city’s name is believed to have come from the Vilnia River. According to the latest measurement, Vilnius is home to 545 thousand people.

As mentioned earlier, Vilnius is eccentric. It exudes a bohemian I-don’t-care-what-you-think attitude that can be both intimidating and charming. Vilnius has always fought for freedom, not only from the Soviets, but also of thought and expression. Independent and odd, it offers many novelties that you will be tempted to sample. Still, even with the free spirit, Vilnius manages to move on with the times and continue to build to become a truly modern city – with added quirks, of course.

You can reach Vilnius by air through flights from nearby European cities, such as Tallinn and Riga. Arrange flights that will finally come to a stop at Vilnius Airport. Within the city, you can get around by bus or train. In fact, the bus station is very near the train station. It’s your call which transport to go for. Coming from the airport, you can take a taxi ride to anywhere else in the city. You can also choose to go around Vilnius using a taxi service. Summers in Vilnius can heat up to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Generally, however the city offers cool weather, which can turn to freezing even to the point of dipping to -13 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you are traveling to Lithuania, you only need to get your valid passport ready. The good news here is that there is no need for you to apply for a visa if you are staying up to 90 days only. You also do not need to present your return ticket.

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