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Vila do Maio

Vila do Maio is the primary city in the southern western part of Maio, an island located just 25 miles from Cape Verde‘s main island Santiago and capital city Praia. The city has its own seaport and airport. Locals often refer Vila do Maio by its old name “Porto Inglês” which is Portuguese for “English port”.

When traveling to Vila do Maio you choose to travel by boat or airplane. There are several flights per week available from Praia, the capital city. The most used and trusted airline by locals is TACV Cabo Verde Airlines. If you are looking for landscape and pretty sights the north is most appealing, made up of forest while the rest of the island desert and dry land dominates. From any point of the island the eye catches the view of the Monte Batalha mountains. Not to mention the beautiful Cape Verdian sea that faces the beach side of Vila do Maio.

When you are looking for time to spend in Vila do Maio you better be in good shape, outdoor attractions include hiking and climbing. Another well-accepted outdoor activity is hitchhiking, even most locals will hitching and walking when possible. Vila do Maio does have public transport with buses available. When you are looking for fine dining experiences this is not the place to be, there’s only two main restaurants which both offer Italian food, both are located right on the main street of Vila do Maio. The biggest and most popular restaurant is called Trattoria del Qwerty. On the island there’s one internet cafe just ahead of the Italian restaurant.

If you are looking for a place to stay in Vila do Maio, apartments and villa’s are the standard. If you cannot afford such luxury there’s many guest houses available you can rent on the spot. The crime rates are very low, not just in Vila do Maio but across the whole island of Maio.

To visit Cape Verde, you need a passport valid for at least six months upon arrival. Present your return ticket or any other legit proof for leaving the country before your visa expires to the immigration officer. This may be a ticket to your home destination or any other location worldwide. You need to have a visa to enter the country, contact the local Cape Verde embassy.

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