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Venice, the Italian city of ”Water, Bridges and Light” is considered by many to be one the most beautiful cities on this globe. Its situated on 120 islands formed by 177 canals in the lagoon in between the mouth of the Po and Piave rivers. The city has a population of 270 thousand people and is the capital of the Veneto region.

In Venice, any form of transportation floats, from gondolas taxis to the vaporetti (public bus/ferries) and fire department speedboats to garbage scows. Its improbable cityscape where stone buildings seem like floating on water and places where cats nap on marble windowsills which are set on colorful walls. During the day, take stop for relaxation at a bacaro (wine bar) to consume un ombra (Italian wine) with cicchetti (tapas like snacks) as a traditional Venice local.

As Venice is a popular travel destination it can be somewhat overcrowded in the peak season, as well prices can double or triple than elsewhere in Italy. Yet, most travelers ignore this knowledge as they want the extraordinary, magical and worth every cent experience from Venice, the globe’s most unique city on water.

Travelers to Venice are required a valid passport and visa. American citizens can visit without a visa for up to 90 days. The summer time and its peak season are in the months June till September, travelers are advised to leave high heels at home and bring clothes they wont mind getting wet. Be sure to toss a city map in your backpack.

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