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Tokyo officially known as Tokyo Metropolis is the capital of Japan since 1868. The Japanese government and the Imperial Palace, as well the home of the Japanese Imperial Family are situated in the city. Tokyo along with Paris, New York and London is considered to be one of the four world cities. The city has a population of over 12 million people.

Tokyo grew from a modest fishing village within 400 years to a giant modern society. It’s split up in several districts containing fabulous shopping and sightseeing, fine restaurants and bars, spacious shopping malls & markets, interesting museums & history events. With its 1250 square miles to explore Tokyo has a variety in geography, it not spans just the city but also the rugged mountains in the west and the subtropical islands in the south.

Once the cost of living in Tokyo was astronomical. This has changed due deflation and market pressures, nowadays its comparable to other large international cities. Travelers from cities as New York, London, Paris and Toronto will not be surprised by the prices. If you plan a trip to Tokyo you should budget similar amount of money then when traveling to other large cities in Europe or North America.

Travelers to Tokyo need a valid passport and visa. American Citizens will receive a 90 days visa upon arrival. The city is generally safe for tourists, general travel rules apply so look after your belongings. The best period to visit Tokyo is in the summer months June till August.

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