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Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is a popular sightseeing attraction in Paris, France situated nearby Le Louvre and the Notre Dame which attracts more than 6 million visitors each year and is known all over the world. The plan to build the 984 ft. high Eiffel Tower was conceived as part of preparations for the World’s Fair of 1889. Gustave Eiffel has designed the ingenious structure. The Parisian population did not like the monument at first, in their opinion it was an ugly metal tower. In 1906 a permanent radio station was installed in the Tower which ensured its continuing survival. At present the Eiffel tower is considered a masterpiece and part of local Paris culture.

To build the Eiffel tower they needed over two years and there was used over 7.500 ton steel. 31.000 m³ ground had to be moved and they had to made 12.000 m³ of stonework. There where needed 15.000 pieces of iron and 40 ton paint. You have to climb 1665 stairs to reach the top (or you can use the elevator). The four main pillars are connected by four arches with a diameter of 242 ft. they are 128 ft. high. At the south pillar there is an elevator to the second floor.

The height including television antenna is 1052 ft. The highest point can maximum sway 5 inches by the wind. By expansion and contraction of the material height may vary 15 cm. Surrounding the Eiffel Tower is a small park where locals and tourists find themselves resting peacefully enjoying a great view. Beneath the Eiffel Tower is a square where the official Eiffel Tower gift shop (without English speaking workers), a information desk, a restaurant and bar are located. The square is filled with people waiting in line for a ticket (4,50 Euro for Adults to reach the second level), while foreign-locals try to hassle you to buy copy Eiffel Tower products 1/3rd of the price the official gift shop prices.

To get to the first floor you can take the elevator or use the 704 step counting stair. There is a movie theater, a restaurant and a souvenir shop. At this floor you can still see a section of original the spiral staircase, the staircase belonged between the second floor and the top level. Gustave Eiffel used these stairs to get to his top floor office. There is also an exhibition of the original hydraulic pump, which supplied water to the machinery of the old elevator, which ran from the second floor to the top. There is also the observatory of tower top movement, an original and unique system that monitors, with a laser beam in real time, the oscillation of the top of the Tower due to the effects of the wind and temperature. A computer linked to sensors calculates these movements.

The second floor is housed on 377 ft. and leaves you with a 360° view over Paris, this is the perfect floor to make a photographic study of the city. And you can even take a dive to the ground with your eyes looking through the glass windows located on the floor.

The top level is housed on 905 ft. There is an representation of Gustave Eiffel’s office. The wax characters seated in his office are Gustave himself and his daughter Claire as well as their famous guest, the American inventor Thomas Edison.

Eiffel Tower / Tour Eiffel
Quai Branly
75007 Parijs, Frankrijk
+33 01 44 11 23 23

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