The city Ordino is the most northerly parish in the Principality of Andorra, located between the capital Andorra La Vella and France. Other nearby settlements include El Serrat, Ansalonga, Sornàs, La Cortinada, Llorts, Segudet, and Arans. With a population of 4 thousand people as of latest measurement its one of the smallest cities in the country though it covers the largest area within the country.

The town of Ordino lies on the foot slopes of the Casamanya, a 8980 ft. tall mountain. As Ordino’s exact geographic location is in the center of Andorra it gives a spectacular panoramic view on several nearby cities as Andorra La Vella and Arinsal. The most important reason for Ordino to have tourists returning every October since 1983 is the International Narciso Yepes Festival which is a series of classical music concerts. The festival was once started by the guitarist Narciso Yepes, and later named after him. Ordino has a lot of small and narrow street with local bars and pubs, drinks are rather low prices, the town isn’t use to much tourists and hasn’t adjust yet to these standards.

The parish area of Ordino borders not only with France, but also other parishes of La Massana, Canillo, and Encamp. Each has its own unique kind and factors, when looking to travel outside Ordino it’s recommended to visit any of these settlements, to be amazed by the locals and their daily habits. In the extreme northwest at the height of 8612 ft. lies the ski resort Vallnord Ordino-Arcalis.

American and European citizens can enter Andorra after showing their valid passport and a return ticket to immigration. If the duration of your stay does not exceed 90 days, there’s no requirement for any type of visa. In general the city of Ordino has a low crime rate.

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