Oranjestad is Aruba’s capital city. Locally, however, it is only referred to as “Playa” in the Papiamento language. Unlike other cities that have to undergo transformations before becoming the capital, Oranjestad was the capital from the very moment it was established in 1796. The name comes from King Willem van Oranje-Nassau. After all, Aruba is part of the kingdom of the Netherlands. Oranjestad has a population of 35 thousand people according to the latest measurement.

The city of Oranjestad is found in the Caribbean island of Aruba. However, it is also part of the kingdom of the Netherlands. So when you are in the city, you will be surprised by the tropical setting being venues to Dutch architecture. The European influences are less blatant compared to other Dutch territories, however. However, the tropical beaches are enough to make you very interested. If you are visiting Oranjestad or any other part of Aruba, you do have to be prepared financially – touring the island can be quite expensive. It is all worth it though because Oranjestad is a beauty and its people are warm and friendly.

You can fly to Aruba, stopping on Reina Beatrix International Airport, which is 1.55 miles from the center of Oranjestad. When in Oranjestad, you can get around by taxi, bus, tram, or by hired car or motorcycle. If you are not planning to go around much, sticking to the city center, you may be better off walking or going for public transport such as a taxi or a bus. However, if you want to reach more destinations within the city and the whole island, you may have to rent a car. Tropical in climate, Oranjestad benefits from the cool trade winds; the average temperature is at 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Usually, Aruba’s visitors are required to present a passport valid for at least three months. If you are from the United States, however, presenting a birth certificate and identification card may be enough. However, you should also accompany the documents with either a naturalization or alien registration certificate if you are not originally from the United States. You are also required to present your return ticket.

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