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Tasiilaq, also known as Ammassalikk is situated on the east coast of Greenland and south of the Arctic Circle. The village is located in a fjord which is used to protect citizens from open sea, it also has a harbor surrounded by high mountains. As of latest measurement the village Tasiilaq has a population of only 2500 people.

When traveling to Tasiilaq you need to understand it’s an actual village, there’s not many social supplies or any nightlife activity. Within the village you will find a hotel, restaurant, hospital, helicopter station, post office and bookshop. Most of the locals are fisherman and hunters, only a fraction works regular jobs in the bigger cities. Tasiilaq was founded by Danish explorers back in 1894 when it was named Ammassalik meaning “the village with lots of ammassats” as in small fish, it’s official name Tasiilaq means “the one that looks like a lake”. The municipality name hasn’t been changed and is still called Ammassalip Kummunia.

The easiest way to travel to Tasiilaq is to fly from Keflavík International Airport (Reykjavik) in Iceland. There’s several airlines that fly directly to Kulusuk Airport nearby Tasiilaq, from there you can take an helicopter or choose to continue by boat. Most hotels and campgrounds offer a pickup service if you have booked in advance. The village is small to be explored on foot, how ever a fit body is required due to the many hills going up and down along with the road. To explore nearby villages and settlement such as Kummiut, Sermimiligaq and Isortoq you will need to book a boat or helicopter.

The best sightseeing on Tasiilaq is the one you create yourself. Simply hike around the island with your cam ready! There’s also several tours being offered such as iceberg watching or the nearby abandoned village of Ikkatteq. Helicopter tours are also popular for visiting nearby glaciers. The travel destination Tasiilaq should only attract those who are into hiking, kayaking, alpine climbing and nature at it’s finest.

To travel to Tasiilaq or any other destination in Greenland, tourists will have to follow the entry requirements of Denmark. Basically, this means that US citizens traveling to Nuuk do not have to have a visa if they only plan on staying for up to three months. Only a passport is necessary.

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