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An oddity, Uzbekistan’s capital city of Tashkent, is not exactly a tourist’s dream destination. Those who do take the chance will not regret it, however. Deep within Tashkent are hidden charms and merging cultures that make a trip to the place very interesting, indeed. During the pre-Islamic and early Islamic eras, the city was called “Chach”. It is located on what is known to be the Great Silk Road. This ancient city has endured so much in history but these historical events are also responsible for Tashkent’s uniqueness. According to the latest measurement, its population is recorded at 2.7 million.

Tashkent is a truly eccentric city. Visit it and notice the clashing cultures that somehow manage to blend to create a city. A wide range of activities and sights reveal the various inspirations that make Tashkent what it is today. For example, you will get a taste of bazaars, palaces and museums while still not straying too far away from modern restaurants and an active nightlife. There are obvious Muslim influences that thrive side by side with Soviet remnants. The city is fairly safe, but be wary of petty thefts and robberies. Make sure that you are there for pleasure and not for political reasons; the latter can give you much trouble.

Arrive in the city through Tashkent International Airport. From there, you can take advantage of cheap taxi rides to the city proper. You can get around the city through bus, train or taxi. Taxis may be relatively comfortable to the other transportation’s but some cabs can be pretty old and derelict. Generally, public fare is very cheap in Tashkent. You may cheap options in food and hotel, as well but you also have opportunities to splurge. Get a weather report before leaving for Tashkent, however. The city has extreme continental weather. This means that summers can heat up to about 113 degrees Fahrenheit while winters can freeze to about -31 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you are to visit Uzbekistan from the United States, you will need a valid passport and a business or tourist visa. When applying for visa, you must bring along proof of your hotel reservations and proof purpose of visit.

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