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The capital city, Taipei, is located north of Taiwan. The mountainous island of Taiwan is quite large, spanning three major climatic zones. Taiwan’s capital, Taipei, is known for its unique combination of business vibe and leisurely beauty. Taipei city itself boasts a population of almost three million but Greater Taipei is populated by about double the city’s population.

The people of Taipei are fighters. They did not settle for the poor quality of life that used to describe the city despite its wealth. The people of Taipei had made demands that led to the improvement of their formerly squalid environs. Though the basic vibe of the city remains as can be seen from night markets, painted umbrellas, and snake soup, the overall effect is more organized. You will now experience the benefits of both a rich culture and a welcoming, dynamic environment. This will make you feel right at home in Taipei without missing out on the exotic. Moving about the city is now comfortable but still immensely exciting.

You can go in and out of Taipei through the Taipei Chiang Kai Shek International Airport (now known as the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport). While inside the city, you can make use of the high-speed railway system or of the bus transport system. Buses are available right at the airport. Once inside the city, be careful of your belongings as you would in any place. However, Taipei is a fairly safe place for both locals and tourists. Still, if you do run into some trouble, you can call the Office of Foreign Affairs, where you can speak with an English-speaking officer. Taipei is a great place to visit at any time of the year as long as you avoid the typhoon season. The city’s climate is semi-tropical.

Regulations for visas to Taiwan can be changed so it is best to consult Taiwanese embassies for the latest updates. For Americans, no visa is required for stays of up to thirty days. You must present proof that you are planning return or further travel. Your passport must be valid for at least six months.

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