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Stockholm, one of the most populous cities in Sweden, is also one of the most beautiful destinations in the region. Built on fourteen islands, Stockholm is home to the Swedish Parliament and the official residence of the Swiss royal family. It is also home to 21% of the total Swiss population, with 1.3 million in the urban area and 2 million in the metropolitan area.

Sweden is known for its beauty, made even more resplendent by the reflection of the water that surrounds the entire city. Its capital, particularly, is famous for its waters that crisscross the city, and the narrow cobble stoned streets of Gamla Stan, where love stories form and for some, end. Stockholm is rich in history, its 750-year heritage evident in the medieval structures that lie side-by-side with modern high-rises and architectural marvels. The city is also famous for its six-day food festivals, where tourists and locals alike gorge on traditional Swedish cuisine. Restaurants that range from the trendy and exclusive to the budget-friendly and more laid back also thrive in the city.

Getting around Stockholm is easy. One can walk, which is the best way to savor the city’s atmosphere and meet its people. A stroll through the Djurgården is one activity that no visitor should never miss. One can also take the bus, the subway, or the trams. Rentals are also available, as are parking spaces. Taxi fares in Stockholm are quite expensive, so if you can avoid getting into one, by all means do so. The city is relatively safe, although places where crowds congregate are favorite hunting grounds of pickpockets.

Americans need a valid passport to enter Sweden, although no visa is necessary for stays up to three months in any given six-month period. Visitors are required to show a visible means of support along with documentation and tickets for return or further travel.

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