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Siem Reap

Siem Reap is the capital of the Siem Reap Province in Cambodia. It’s the most popular tourist destination after Phnom Penh and has a large number of hotels and restaurants and perhaps better known as Angkor Wat. The city has a population of about 150 thousand citizens as of latest measurement.

The city of Siem Reap is filled cultural, ancient and historical temples, tombs and buildings with Chinese-styled architecture. Two famous area’s within Siem Reap are the Old French Quarter and Old Market. In town the narrow and sandy streets are filled with craft shops, silk farms, rice-addy countryside, fishing villages and a bird sanctuary near Tonle Sap Lake. Traditional Apsara is being performed in public outside bar areas. Several popular tourist sightseeing include the Cambodia Landmine Museum, Angkor National Museum, Angkor Thom, Psar Chaa and the Central Market which is a one of a kind market.

As the tourist numbers increased over the years, a lot of new hotels, guest house and restaurants have settled in the area. Most of the guest houses are concentrated around the old market area, while the expensive and international hotels are situated between the Siem Reap-Angkor International Airport and along the highway of National Road 6. For those travelers who are looking for the best price / comfort class are recommended to go the variety mid-range hotels and restaurants along Sivatha.

Travelers to Siem Reap require a valid passport and visa. American citizens will receive a visa upon arrival valid for 30 days in exchange for $20.00 US. There’s also an exit fee of $25.00 US when leaving the country. Petty theft and crimes are not uncommon in the city, the overall crime rates are rather low. Always make sure to look after your belongings.

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