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It is city that is strongly associated to images of war and destruction. It was even witness to the assassination that sparked the First World War. The former Ottoman territory, the capital city of Bosnia-Herzegovina, may have a bloody past but its present is that of recovery and of Old World village charm. Some tourists even regard the place as a romantic destination and not just a place for curiosity-driven adventure. The city’s population, according to the latest measurement, is estimated at a little over 300 thousand.

If you love historical places, Sarajevo is a must-visit. The city boasts several churches, mosques and cathedrals that represent various beliefs that have made their mark. While skyscrapers and other modern buildings mark the city’s being rebuilt, ancient haunts and war-brought ruins remain juxtaposed with modern Sarajevo. If tension used to rule the city, it has now been replaced with a very relaxed atmosphere. Though the people of Sarajevo are multi-ethnic and practicing various faiths, they no longer have to endure the uncertainties and dangers of war.

To reach Sarajevo, you may book a flight that will land you on Sarajevo International Airport. If you are passing from a nearby city, such as Montenegro or Serbia, you may reach the Bosnian city through bus. When within the city, you can go around by bus or train. On the other hand, you can also immerse yourself into the city’s culture by just walking; the city is easily explored on foot. Once the site for the Winter Olympics, the city can have below freezing temperature; the thermometer can take a dip to -15 degree Fahrenheit. It did experience a burning 104 degree Fahrenheit in 1942.

If you are visiting from the United States, you need to have a passport valid for at least a little longer than your planned stay in Sarajevo. The good news is that you do not really need a visa to go with your passport. Make sure, however, that you have your other travel documents handy for emergencies.

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