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Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz de la Sierra is the largest city in Bolivia and its business center. It is located in the east of the country. The name Santa Cruz de la Sierra means ‘Holy Cross of the Hills’ and was founded by a Spanish captain, who named the settlement after a city in Spain. Originally the city was located east of its modern location. Santa Cruz has a population of over 1.5 million people.

Many tourists think Santa Cruz is a city of business people and busy traffic. Although the city is the largest in the country, it hasn’t got a business feeling. It lacks high-rise blocks. The feeling is that of a lightly buzzing small-town, with a relaxed tropical atmosphere. The locals in the city lounge on the main square and restaurants still close for siesta. The restaurants will serve mostly traditional foods such as majao, locro and masaco.

The city’s lay-out shows three rings or anillos. Tourists can visit the Cathedral, the Central Park, many markets. The city has some museums, like the Museum of Holy Art and the Natural History Museum. There are some great excursions that you can book in Santa Cruz. You can go trekking in Park Amboro or Park Noel Kempff or take a boat trip over the Amazon River. You can relax at the lagoon at Park El Arenal, just don’t do this at night.

Travelers to Santa Cruz need a valid passport and get a visa application form that can be granted to you on arrival by plane. You also need to submit proof of sufficient funds for your stay, proof of return travel. You need a certification that you’ve had Yellow Fever before if you come from Brazil or Paraguay. Check the embassy in your country before you leave to get the right requirements. Be aware that no official police officer will ask to see your documentation on the streets of Santa Cruz. You should insist to accompany you to the police station.

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