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Romania is a country located in Southeastern and Central Europe, Romania borders with Hungary and Serbia to the west, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova to the northeast, and Bulgaria to the south and has a coast on the Black Sea. Its total area is 92,043 square miles and the Danube Delta is almost all located within its territory. The capital and largest city is Bucharest. Romania is divided in 41 counties, and one municipality capital Bucharest, with a special status.. In 1998, eight regional divisions were set up to improve coordination of regional development, in preparation for accession to the European Union of Romania. Each region consists of several counties.



Bucharest, known as ‘the little Paris’ in the past is Romania’s biggest more



Braşov is a city in the country of Romania, as well the more

Romania is a semi-presidential democratic republic, the president and prime minister share executive powers. The Prime Minister with the Romanian government established at Victoria Palace, the presidential residence is at Cotroceni Palace.

The northeastern Romania, the Bukovina region, is famous for its many painted monasteries, such as: the Voroneţ Monastery which is famous for its painted walls, with a special color blue, known as Voroneţ blue. This monastery was built in 1488 and is still totally original. On the north wall is a fresco of the creation story of Adam and Eve to Cain and Abel and the Last Judgment is on the west wall.

The Maramures region in the northwest is known for its wooden churches and rural villages, the people still live traditional, and still carry the local colorful dresses. Maramures therefore appears to be a living museum, as can be found nowhere else in Europe.

The Romanian cuisine often revolves largely meat, mutton and pork are often eaten. Each region has its own specialties, such as Pastrami – often made of sheep meat, Mititei – a sharp spicy minced sausages, or Piftea – meat in gelatin. A traditional alcoholic beverage is a homemade plum brandy, particularly in rural areas in Wallachia very popular.

In Dobrogea are wide sandy beaches on the Black Sea coast, with tourist places like Mamaia and Neptun. In Mamaia there are many shops and terraces along the promenade, in the evening a visit to a nightclub may bring some fun. For more family fun you can go to the aqua magic, a big aquatic park with large slides, or to the telegondola, a cable car.

The Danube delta is the largest river delta in Europe, this area is very popular with fishermen and for making boat trips. The Transylvanian Alps, Eastern Carpathians are beautiful ski areas in winter and there is an ice hotel, this hotel is entirely composed of temporary snow and sculpted blocks of ice and therefore an example of new architecture. The lobby of the ice hotel is often provided with ice sculptures, staying in this hotel is an unusual experience. In the summer there are mountain walks from the many mountain huts in this region.

For EU residents, no longer a visa is needed, only a valid passport. Citizens from other countries can require a visa at the Consulate or Embassy.

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