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North Korea projects an eerie landscape of near-empty wide spaces. The grey, nondescript buildings do not help diminish the look. However, this landscape actually attracts tourists who want to experience mystery and a sense of nervous excitement by visiting the country’s capital, Pyongyang. Pyongyang, meaning “flat land”, is found near the Taedong River. Its population is approximated at 3.8 million people.

What makes Pyongyang a little bit different from the rest of North Korea is that it is considered the country’s receiving area. It is a showcase city built to impress approved visitors. Designated guides are eager to treat you to a series of beautiful sights. Walking around is best so that you can truly enjoy the cityscape.

When you go around Pyongyang, you will be most likely accompanied by a guide. This is especially true if you plan on riding the city’s metro trains, buses, or trams. Your guides will also prefer taking you to the two approved metro stations. Note that buses and trams can be pretty overcrowded while the metro is fast but has limited reach. If you do not want to brave the bus masses or to be restricted by the metro, you can always book a taxi; your guide will be riding with you, of course. In July, expect mild temperature averaging at 70 degree Fahrenheit. January temperature, on the other hand, can be frigid – dipping up to 9 degree Fahrenheit. Touring the streets of Pyongyang is better during the summer months.

You will not be able to get a visa to North Korea in the United States. Instead, you need to go to either Beijing or Shenyang in China to apply for a visa. You will be getting a North Korean Visa plus a Chinese Double Entry visa to be welcomed in both North Korea and China.

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