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Plovdiv (Пловдив) is the second largest city in Bulgaria after it’s capital Sofia. Plovdiv is also the administrative center of the Plovdiv Province as well two other municipalities named Maritsa and Rodopi situated in southern Bulgaria. Plovdiv is also as important transport, cultural, education and economic center. As of latest measurement the city has a population of 380 thousand people.

It’s one of the globe’s oldest continuously inhabited cities as Plovdiv’s history goes back over 6 thousand years. Plovdiv is located in the large plain between the Rhodope Mountains in the south Bulgaria, and the Balkan Range, or Old Mountains (Stara Planina) which runs through center Bulgaria. The Maritsa River flows southeast of the city, leading to the Greece and Turkey border which situated by the Aegean Sea.

The main areas, city center and downtown are road blocked for cars, as well that the city size is excellent for getting round on foot. It offers a good collection of historical Bulgarian buildings in the forms of museums, restaurants, hotels and several parks. Wander through the narrow cobblestone streets to visit the centuries old St. Marina Church with it’s one of a kind wooden tower and a mosque from the Ottoman Empire nearby the old town center. For those who need to travel further it’s advised to use a taxi. When traveling with more than 3 people it’s cheaper to use a private taxi than a public bus, when you order a taxi directly from the company’s hot line.

Travelers to Plovdiv require a valid passport, but don’t need a visa. Your stay is valid for up to 90 days. Plovdiv is an important railway station which connects the city to other cities, including capital Sofia. The city has regular bus transport to move around. Most sights in the center are walkable.

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