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Paramaribo is the capital city of the Republic of Suriname, which lies in the northern region of South America. Suriname is situated north of Brazil, east of Guyana and west of French Guiana. Nicknamed “Par’bo,” Paramaribo also serves as the main port for Suriname. With an estimated population of 250 thousand, Paramaribo is the most populous city in Suriname.

The city of Paramaribo has a rich history and a diverse culture. Having been occupied by the Dutch and the English before gaining independence in 1975, Paramaribo has been largely influenced by the many different cultures and peoples who have lived there. For example, it is not uncommon to see churches, mosques, temples, and synagogues standing side by side. The city also has interesting architecture largely influenced by the Dutch, French and English. The Suriname River passes right through Paramaribo and shops, restaurants and cafes line the river and the streets of the city. With the numerous cultures that blend to give Paramaribo its unique atmosphere and environment, the city is definitely an interesting place to visit.

The two main sources for local transportation are both land-based: rentals and public transportation. Before renting cars to travel around Paramaribo, tourists should familiarize themselves with the English driving system, wherein the steering wheel is on the right side of the vehicle, and drivers should stay on the left side of the road. For those who may have trouble with the English driving system, it may be better to travel by bus or taxi. The city also has the Zorg en Hoop Airport and the nearby Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport for air travel. The peak season for Paramaribo is during July and August, so tourists should make early reservations for vacations during these months.

To travel to Paramaribo or any other destination in Suriname, American citizens are required to have a passport, visa and return ticket. Visitors are also required to visit the Police Precinct Nieuwe Haven, Van’t Hogerhuysstraat, which is in Paramaribo.

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