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Oruro is the capital city of the department Oruro in Bolivia, situated in between La Paz and Surce. The city was first founded in November, 1606 by Don Manuel Castro de Padilla. Oruro is a industrial city which manage to attract tourists with festivals and sightseeing’s such as the Carnival de Oruro. As of latest measurement the city of Oruro has a population of 420 thousand people.

The city of Oruro is a 5 hour bus ride away from La Paz, once you arrived you’ll notice the simplicity and well planned streets, which lead to the main square garden named Plaza 10 de Febrero. Of course, Oruro is known for it’s carnival, the famous sightseeing The Virgen del Socavon temple is where the carnival ends, during other seasons you can visit its mining museum. Other sightseeing’s include the zoo, several museums and churches, temples and chapels. Further more Oruro is a city fulfilled of legends and traditions, which locals love telling travelers about.

When you’re staying in the city for several days, take a walk up the hills surrounding Oruro, it’s an easy and nice excursion which offers unique and breathtaking views. Bring water and a digital camera along. Faro del Conchupata, according to locals is the best sightseeing in Oruro, which is a historical and cultural lighthouse on the top of the hills.

To visit Bolivia, you will need a valid passport and about a hundred dollars for the visa. You need to fill in a visa application form as well. You also need to submit proof of sufficient funds for your stay, proof of return travel, and, if coming from Brazil or Paraguay, a proof that you have had your yellow fever vaccination.

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