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Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a Canadian city with a population of 85 thousand people as of latest measurement, situated on the banks of the Niagara River in the Golden Horseshoe region of Southern Ontario. The city can be entered from both United States and Canada and is worldwide referred to as the self-proclaimed The Honeymoon Capital of the World. Tourism plays a major part in the economy in this region.

The city is dominated by Niagara Falls, a world famous set of two large waterfalls on the Niagara river. The falls are best seen from the Canadian side of the river, therefore this natural spectacle brings in millions of tourists per year. City hall permitted and supported the development of a tourist area along the falls, which has now turned into a boulevard of souvenir shops, observation towers, high class hotels and restaurants, modern casinos, theaters and electrifying attractions. The street view is covered by colorful neon billboards and advertisements.

When heading towards Niagara Falls don’t forget to pack your wetsuit an be reminded during your holiday you won’t get bored easily, and properly wet especially attending the number 1 tourist attraction called Maid of the Mist ($14.50 per adult, $8.90 per child till 12 years, under 5 years free of charge) where a large steam boat you will pass through the Niagara Falls. This most easy and affordable way to get close to the falls. When you’re looking for a unique dining experience, the Skylon Tower, he tallest tower on the falls with it’s revolving dining room and spectacle view.

If you are looking for shopping or visiting a museum it’s recommend to head towards the Clifton Hill area. Many hours can be spent visiting each location, as there’s countless of stores and shops, small restaurants and historical hotels. But, prepare yourself and the children for a long walk up and down the hill. Another good shopping paradise is Niagara Square near the Optimist Park, where are also the local Walmart and Zehrs groceries stores. If you’re looking to buy cheap supplies that’s the place to go, overall prices throughout Niagara Falls are outrageous and high.

Travelers to Niagara Falls are required to have a valid passport, some countries need a visa to enter the country, before traveling its advised to contract the local Canadian embassy in order to see the exact requirements needed to travel to Canada. Theft and crimes are uncommon against tourists, yet it’s advised to have a close look at your belongings. The best period to visit is in the summer months from June till August.

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