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The small island nation of the Republic of Nauru is located in the Micronesian South Pacific and sits approximately 750 miles northeast of the Solomon Islands and about 2500 miles southwest of Hawaii. Once called “Pleasant Island,” Nauru has a storied past that is steeped in phosphate mining. Today, with the mining industry dying down in Nauru, efforts are being made to increase tourism and protect the natural habitats of this 21 square-kilometer island. The population estimate of Nauru according to the latest measurement is 13.5 thousand.

Nauru has a lot to offer to its visitors. From beautiful seascapes to relaxing island scenery, those who visit this small island are bound to enjoy. One of the advantages of visiting Nauru is that the island nation is relatively new to tourism. The island is not a frequent destination for tourists, making it ideal for those who want to experience a true island-getaway vacation. Most of the food and other products are imported to Nauru, although local fish and fowl are also common sources of food, while rice is a staple. The locals enjoy playing Australian rules football, with the national league playing games at Linkbelt Oval.

Most of the travelers who visit Nauru get to the island by air or by sea. The nation has one airport and one main sea port. Because of the small size of Nauru, short travels around the island can be done by hiking or walking. In total, there are around 15 miles of paved roadways going around the island, making it easy to travel by land vehicle. The best time to visit Nauru would probably from March to October, when it isn’t monsoon season.

To travel to Nauru, tourists will need to have a passport and a visa, as well as a return ticket. Visas are normally valid for 30 days and cost around 100 Australian dollars, which is the currency used in Nauru.

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