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Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya. Its situated next to its evenly named river in the south of the country. The city has a population of 2.8 million people and is the most populous city in East Africa. The city and its surrounding area also forms the Nairobi Province.

Nairobi doesn’t have the best reputation as a travel destination, its mostly used by travelers as a fly-in hub to arrive at safari parks or beach resorts somewhere in Kenya, yet travelers are missing its thrill and culture not stopping for a day or two in Nairobi. The city is a big cosmopolitan filled with street scenes, local markets, sophisticated cafes, restaurants serving worldwide dishes and a superb bars and nightclubs. Besides the only city on this globe having its very own wildlife resort just outside the city center.

Nairaboi’s National Park is located just outside the city center, its a full 45 square miles wildlife resort where animals like lions, buffaloes and giraffes life in the wild with a skyline of skyscrapers. With the the national park in Nairobi the city’s nickname is well deserved ‘Green City in the City’. The Karen Blixen museum, located inside the house of the former author of the book ‘Out of Africa’ shows how life was in the early centuries.

All nationals worldwide traveling to Nairobi are required a valid passport and visa. The best period to visit are the summer months which are sunny and warm, from December through March. Nairobi is notorious for theft and petty crime, avoid visiting in areas such as Mathare and Kibera. Watch out for unscrupulous children on intersections and highways, never encourage beggars or roll down a window.

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