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Munich (München) is the capital city of Bavaria, Germany. It’s situated on the banks of the River Isar north of the Bavarian Alps. Munich is the 3rd largest city in the country, after Berlin and Hamburg. As of latest measurement the city of Munich has a population of 1.35 million people.

Munich is an huge city which has several districts including City Center, Schwabing, Olympic area, Haidhausen, Neuhausen & Nymphenburg and Thalkirchen containing all the basic travel needs for an successful holiday including sightseeing, restaurants, nightlife and accommodation. Munich is also known worldwide for its architecture, culture, history and of course festivals such as the yearly Oktoberfest. Some even state and believe that Munich’s cultural scene outranks Berlin by its quality of museums as well architecture. Although heavy bombing and damage during the second world war, many historic buildings have been successfully rebuilt.

Munich is an easy reach from anywhere in the world through the Munich International Airport, which is the second largest airport in Germany but can also be reached by train or car from many European destinations. For traveling within the city, use the Tram (streetcar), bus or U-Bahn (subway), when traveling to suburbs use the S-Bahn. Travel tickets go per individual, day or weekend trip.

Travelers to Munich need a valid passport and visa. American citizens will receive a 90 day visa upon arrival. To transport yourself within the city is easy, Berlin offers many different forms of transportation. There’s trains, trams, subway, bus and taxis. The best period to visit Berlin is the summer months from June till August when outdoor cafes, restaurants and events come alive.

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