Miami is a sunny southern coastal city in the state of Florida, most people who never been in Miami know the city as skating bikini girls, chasing drug dealers based on television crime shows. Though the reality is otherwise, Miami is being recognized for its importance in finance, commerce, media, entertainment and international trade. The city has grown and reached a population of over 450 thousand people.

When you land at Miami International Airport and checked in through customs, you can look forward to a good time of enjoyment. It’s a great mixture of culture and sightseeing including museums, restaurants, bars, cafes and nightclubs which make you dance until dawn. The city has a good transportation system, when staying a few days its wise to rent a car. Making use of the local busses and taxi’s are safe in general.

You haven’t seen Miami without visiting the beach for a day, rent an umbrella and lounge for a day. The sun shines, the ocean is crystal clear, there are jetski and speedboat for rent. A funny fact is that the strip catch more heat than ocean drive. The boulevard offers boutiques which are rather expensive, the Miami restaurants are divided in each individual class with many places to go for budget travelers.

American citizens traveling to Miami by air will need to have a valid passport, but a visa is not required. International travelers are required to have a valid passport. Depending on your: nationality, reason to visit or length of stay you may be required a visa. Travelers entering the United States to visit Miami are advised to contact the local USA embassy to verify before leaving.

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