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Mexico City

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico with a population of 8.7 million people. The city is the world’s third largest urban area and fills a highland basin 2240m above sea level, so you might feel a bit light-headed upon arrival. Its the most important center of economic, industrial and cultural in Mexico.

In the recent years Mexico City is experiencing a well deserved increase in interests. Travelers often dismissed Mexico’s capital because of the city’s problems including crime, pollution, and overcrowded areas. Now that these trends have decreased, the culturally curious have been rediscovering what originally led so many to this magnificent city. The city is filled with cultural treasures and energy, although some compare it to great European cities the regular Mexico City traveler disagrees.

Mexico offers many historic attractions, from ancient ruins Olmecs, Maya and Aztec, to train routes used by the brash. When it comes to the capital, many travelers believe the city itself is a museum counting over 2000 historical buildings, all situated around the Zocalo such as: the Rufino Tamayo, the National Art Museum, the Anthropology Museum and Diego Rivera museums.

Travelers to Mexico City must have a Mexican government issued tourist card, which is easy to obtain. Some nationalities may require to obtain a visa. Because regulations changes regularly, it’s advised to confirm them with a Mexican embassy or consulate before your trip.

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