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Matthew Town

Matthew Town is located in the southern district of the Bahamas, Inagua. Comprising the islands of Great Inagua, which is also the third largest island in the country and Little Inagua. The island lies about 55 miles from the eastern tip of Cuba. Matthew Town is named after George Matthew a 19th century Governor of the Bahamas. As of latest measurement the population of Matthew Town is about 1 thousand people.

The small town and harbor, as well capital of the Great Inagua island Matthew Town houses the Morton Salt Company’s main facility producing one million tonnes of salt each year. But of course that’s not what Matthew Town is only famous for, there’s several interesting sightseeing which may be as interesting for every tourist. Though what almost anyone likes, as well the reason most travelers come to Matthew Town are the emerald and turquoise waters with naturally form breathtaking beaches. Countless miles of sand, white or pink colored, where ocean meets land with tons of possibilities for ultimate relaxation.

Other more unique sightseeing includes bird watching, also referred to as “Birding” nearby and around Matthew Town where natural beauty and approximately 140 rare bird species form it a true Birder’s Paradise. The same counts for the underwater world on the shores of Matthew Town and Inagua Island, where fishing whether bone fishing or deep sea fishing is very popular. Other popular activities in and around Matthew Town include diving, snorkeling and Eco-tourism.

Matthew Town also offers unique dining experiences, with as specialty seafood. Of course other items, such as American and foreign dishes are also being served. Several restaurants which can be recommended include: Albertha’s Kitchen, Dell’s Jerk Spot, Jean’s Take Away, Lue Lue’s Corner Bar, M & A Take Away, Maria’s Kitchen, Norrie’s Take Away, S & L Bar & Lounge and Super’s Restaurant.

The best time to visit Matthew Town is from May to September, when the summer is in full swing. US tourists do not need a visa to travel to Nassau. All that is needed is a valid passport, return tickets, and proof of sufficient funds for the entire trip.

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  1. Sound like it would be beautiful. I would really enjoy the bird watching. Thanks for the post.

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