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Luxembourg City

Luxembourg, the “Gibraltar of the North,” is the capital of Luxembourg, a community with a city status. Officially, the city is known as the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and sits at the junction of the Alzette and Pétrusse rivers.

The city is divided into 24 separate regions, but tourists will have their hands full with just three: the Ville Haute, which is the center of the town, Gare, and Kirchberg. Gare is where the train station is located and is only a short walk from Ville Haute, while Kirchberg is the modern face of the city, the seat of most modern European Union Buildings, some of which were designed by famed architects Gottfried Benn and Richard Meyer. Immerse oneself in the history of the Old town or share a drink or two at the local pubs. The people of Luxembourg love their drinks and their food, and travelers can take advantage of this by trying out the many Michelin star establishments for a unique gustatory experience. Hotels and other accommodations can be pricey but travelers can make the most of their budget by booking trips on off-peak seasons where tourists are few and hotels are cheaper.

Visitors can better appreciate the city by foot. This is the best way to get around, as the city is small and airy. The bus is also an option, allowing one to discover the sights at a faster pace. The international station is located in the capital, making ongoing travel to any country or region convenient.

US tourists can visit Luxembourg without a visa. The only requirement is a passport valid for up to three months beyond the planned stay, along with documents for return or onward travel. No vaccinations are required for entry into Luxembourg and its cities.

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