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La Paz

If you love heights, visit La Paz in the South American country of Bolivia. Sucre may be the country’s judicial capital but La Paz, the largest city, is the business center and governmental capital. La Paz is situated 3.6 thousand meters above sea level. It is not all about its location, however. It also offers breathtaking views, thanks to buildings settled at the bottom of canyons. La Paz’s over a million inhabitants may continue to grow because of the influx of immigrants.

Quechua is spoken in La Paz, as well as Spanish. Quechua is a Native American dialect, which is an active sign of Bolivia’s having the strongest Native American population in all of South America. You can walk around La Paz to find more evidences of its rich culture through the city’s local comedors, modern cafes, and bustling markets. Museums will reveal more of La Paz’s roots. The city’s altitudes need a little getting used to, however. Streets where there are public demonstrations are evidences of the citizens’ political freedom.

You can get to La Paz via El Alto Airport. From the airport, you can ride a bus or a taxi requested via your reserved hotel. If you do not have hotel reservations, you may also ride a taxi from the airport. Within the city, you can get around by bus or taxi as well. You may save money by taking the train but it can be pretty slow. Walking is also a good idea when getting around La Paz. Make sure to bring the proper clothing, as temperatures can vary. Most of the times, you will experience cool or even freezing temperatures at night. April to October is the best season to visit La Paz.

To visit Bolivia, you will need a valid passport and over a hundred dollars for the visa. You need to accomplish a visa application form. You also need to submit proof of sufficient funds for your stay, proof of return travel, and, if coming from Brazil or Paraguay, a proof that you have had your yellow fever vaccination.

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