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Mid Valley Megamall

The Mid Valley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur is your one stop shopping destination which fits for all needs of leisure, retail and entertainment. With a little under 500 shops and restaurants it’s definitely a mall you don’t want to miss. It’s located in between the Federal Highway and Jl Bangsar, during rush hour its hard to reach due to traffic. Nearby malls include Metro Jaya, Jusco and Carrefour.

The mall is setup in a circle with four sections and 3 floors divided by the Central Court, South Court, East Atrium and North Court. When exiting the Mid Valley Megamall through the west entrance there’s a boulevard with several office buildings. Any information can be gathered through the information center at the ground floor, the Mid Valley Mega Mall unlike many of the other Asian malls don’t have a lot of escalators to switch between floors. Most of the ATMs are located the ground floor.

in the Mid Valley Megamall any family member can get his groove on, whether you like fine dining at one of the four food courts or a specialized restaurant as Little Vietnam for a sampler plate of Vietnamese appetizers or a famous and delicious Malaysian “Nasi Lemak” at the North Court first floor Mama Kwam’s restaurant. Of course there’s availability for Malaysian souvenir shopping, fashion stores and many beauty stores.

Mixed in between the shops there’s a entertainment plaza at the third floor including a disco bowl center named Cosmic Bowl, for a game of pool join the Brewball Pool Club, enjoy a movie in the VIP cinemas of Golden Screen Cinemas and play a game of basketball or any other available at Holiday Planet. When traveling with babies and young children join MegaKids for their pleasure.

Once you’re done shopping, dining and/or had enough for the day head towards any of the exits for a taxi. If you’re a foreign the taxi guys waiting outside will most likely try to hassle you for a jacked up price, especially in rush hour traffic. Try to ask for a meter or if you’re having a hard time finding a taxi try meter plus 5 MYR. Another good tip is try stop a driving taxi. The taxi meter should start at 3 MYR, after 12 PM till 6 AM the meter will be raised by 50% at your final destination.

1 Comment

  1. The taxi guys outside Mid Valley Megamall are far by the worst! especially during the rush hour traffic, last week i came out of the mall towards the taxi stands where the hassles are located, I needed to go to Bukit Bintang..

    of course they busted out that the meter was broken.
    that the meters were available… tomorrow morning..
    that it was rush hour traffic..

    they quoted me 40 MYR, i didn’t even bother and just hailed down a taxi passing by, after 2 taxis that wished 30 MYR (would have saved me about 3 bucks right there) the third taxi we agreed upon Meter + 5 MYR. Totally i paid 15.50 MYR which is over the half they tried to hassle me for. The + 5 MYR is acceptable during high traffic hours but not needed.

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