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In the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur you can find Chinatown to be located on Petaling Street, its also better known as ‘Chee Cheong Kai’ (Starch Factory Street) in a reference to its roots as a tapioca-producing district. While the streets of Chinatown are a popular destination for backpackers and bargain hunters it has far more in store.

The streets of Chinatown have an distinctly oriental atmosphere, at night its main market area Petaling Street transforms into a vibrant night market which is filled with hundreds of street markets offering all sorts of goods from imitation clothing, toys, movies, watches to Chinese herbs. When shopping in Chinatown make sure to bring a good portion of bargaining. Some street vendors and/or stalls communicate together through walky talkies so be aware! Besides shopping it’s a good place for a Foot Massage & Reflexology by Chinese professionals.

Chinatown has a small nightlife scene which is about three bars including, Penny Lane, the Beatles club/bar (karaoke) and the Reggae bar. The Reggae bar is far by the most popular place on the market strip and usually filled with travelers that either like reggae music or just enjoy a game of pool in a crowded bar. If you are looking for a nightlife scene in Kuala Lumpur, head over to Jalan P. Ramlee for bars and discotheques. Of which Beach Club and Aloha are the most popular ones. Besides the few bars Chinatown also offers a couple open air restaurants where you can sit down to enjoy a beer or two, they are supposed to have good local foods on the menu with reasonable prices.

A couple of other ancient sightseeing’s in Chinatown include the Sri Mahamariamman Hindu Temple, Chan See Shu Yuen Temple and the Kuan Ti Temple. All by all Chinatown is worth a stop by when traveling to Malaysia, don’t forget that Kualu Lumpur has a lot more to offer than just Chinatown. Don’t limit yourself and navigate through the city, for example a trip to the famous Mid Valley Megamall.

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