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Kaesŏng (개성, 開城) is a city in North Korea, situated near the border with South Korea and the Korean Demilitarized Zone in the North Hwanghae Province. It also contains the remains of the Manwoldae palace, as it was formally named Songdo when it was the ancient capital of Koryo. As of latest measurement the city of Kaeson has a population of 338 thousand people.

Kaesong city is an easy reach from Seoul, South Korea on a approximately 2 hours lasting group tour bus-ride as the Pyongyang highway is only open freely to business, diplomatic and group tour traffic. The regulations change often in North Korea so it’s advisable to check with a local embassy before your travel. You can usually join a tour group from any travel agency in Seoul or other cities in South Korea. In the history of Kaesong there’s been a lot of political, social and cultural changes which had great effect on today’s life.

Once arrived in the city of Kaesong you will find a good portion of historic Buddhist temples and museums in good adequate conditions along with a modern and futuristic city streets. Further more Kaesong sightseeing offers some ancient temples as well the Nam Gate, or South Gate, the Students and Children’s Palace, Sonjuk Bridge and the tombs of King Kongmin and his queen just 8 miles outside the city on a hill with nice views on surrounding landscape. When you are looking for a nice souvenir to bring home try the ginseng, DPRK stamps, Korean handicrafts or books written by Kim Il Sung and Kim Jung Il. Kaesong souvenir stores are inexpensive and accept Chinese Yuan, US dollars and Euros.

You will not be able to get a visa to North Korea in the United States. Instead, you need to go to either Beijing or Shenyang in China to apply for a visa. You will be getting a North Korean Visa plus a Chinese Double Entry visa to be welcomed in both North Korea and China.

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