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Gothenburg (Göteborg) is the second largest city in Sweden after Stockholm. The city is located in the south west of Sweden, with a total population of 510 thousand people, and over 920 thousand in the metropolitan area. The city has the largest sea port of the Nordic countries situated by the sea at the mouth of Göta Älv. Gothenburg is home to many students as the city has two universities: University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology.

The city was founded once by king Gustav Adolf but was developed in large by city and canal planners from the Netherlands and Germany. Hence the recognizable Amsterdam styled canals around city center, mixed in between 16th century churches and historical buildings which are still visible. To this day, the owes much to the influences of foreigners. Tourists seem to repeatedly visit the city year after year, therefore the Gothenburg region has grown to be one of the most popular travel destinations in Scandinavia.

The reason Gothenburg attracts so many tourists is simple as basic mathematics. The city has a cultural history which creates interesting sightseeing. For example the Skansen Kronan (Crown Keep), served as a prison in the 19th century, today its a military museum. Stop by the city district of Haga for 19th century houses made out of wood, while there explore the bohemian Långgatan streets, don’t forget the camera, or how about a Indoor fish market “Feskekôrka” with a unique shape of the building and sensational smell located nearby the harbor.

For the cultural and historical travelers the city offers ten’s of museums with the most popular being Gothenburg Art Museum, Gothenburg City Museum, Universeum and Museum of World Culture. Also as said, Gothenburg is filled with historical buildings like the Gothenburg Cathedral, Christinae Church, Crown House and Oscar Fredrik Church. When the sun is out in the city, and you wishto enjoy the pretty sight of high rising historicial buildings in between the Swedish locals there’s various of spacious parks located throughout the city any taxi driver can bring you including: Slottsskogen, Botaniska Trädgården, Trädgårdsföreningen

The famous street Avenyn is a perfect destination for great Swedish cuisine, terrace cafés and pubs, nightclubs and bars. Because the city is filled with students, the vibrant nightlife goes on untill the early hours. It’s defiantly the place to be for good foods and a night out in town for both local and tourist.

American citizens need a valid passport to enter Gothenburg, there’s no visa required for stays up to three months in any given six-month period. Yet another requirement to travelers is to show a visible means of support along with documentation and tickets for return or further travel.

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