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Estonia a country in Northern Europe, it is the northernmost and smallest of the Baltic countries. In the north it is bounded by the Gulf of Finland in the west lies the Baltic Sea in the south it borders with Latvia, and in the east to the Russian Federation. Its total area is 17,462 square miles and the capital and largest city is Tallinn. Estonia is divided into 15 counties, which are further divided into municipalities.



Haapsalu is a seaside resort town situated on the west coast of more



Just about 60 miles south of Helsinki, Estonia’s capital of Tallinn is more

Estonia is a parliamentary democratic republic, with president Toomas Hendrik Ilves as current head of the state. The Prime Minister is the head of government and of a multi-party system.

The capital Tallinn has a beautiful old medieval town and there are several museums. You can visit the City museum about Tallinn and his history or the occupation museum about the last 50 years of Soviet occupation. Kadriorg is a beautiful park, a museum and the current residence of the president. The Estonian open air museum with old houses, farms and examples of how people used to live is also very interesting. In Tallinn you will also find the Parliament building and the Cathedral Alexander Vesky. These two buildings are magnificent display which the contrast of the Estonian architecture and Russian architecture. One simple, small and functional and the other very powerful and extensive.

Estonians eat lots of fresh products such as berries, vegetables, herbs and everything is picked fresh from the garden. In summer, outdoor barbecues are popular and in winter they eat traditional jams and pickles. Pork is the main type of meat, it is roasted or salted, such as bacon, ham, or processed as sausages and pies. Being a country with a large coastal line, fish has also been very important. In Estonia black bread accompanies almost every salty food.

A traditionally popular drink is Kali, the alcohol content is so low that it is considered acceptable for consumption by children. It is often flavored with fruits or herbs such as strawberries or mint. Milk is also widely drank, not only among children but also adults.

Because the country is sparsely populated, nature lovers can enjoy the amazing flora and fauna, most of the country is covered with forests and numerous lakes. The country is seen as one of the finest bird-watch areas of Europe. The very long coastline of Estonia is in the north is characterized by high cliffs, the west has many wide sandy beaches. Estonia has several spas and there is also opportunity for many activities such as cycling, surfing, skating and water sports. Cross-country skiing, also known as XC skiing, is the most popular winter sport in Estonia.

From the capital Tallinn there is a Ferry connection on a daily base Ferry to Finland. All visitors must have proof of health insurance. For tourists who need a visa, the passport must be valid for three months after the period of stay. Citizens of the Schengen area do not need a visa. Travelers from other countries, are advised to check their admission with their embassy or consulate.

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