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Long Street

As the name suggests, Long Street is one of the longest streets, with a length of 3.8 kilometers, in Cape Town, found in the city center and stretching between the Waterfront and Gardens areas of the city. As you enter the street, the first impression is the lively atmosphere and architectural splendor, with elaborate Victorian designs and colorful balconies attached to most of the larger buildings.

It is not only a popular tourist site, but also a place where locals shop for antiques, clothing and (second-hand) books, and visit other specialized retail stores. Travel agencies, banks with foreign exchange counters and internet cafes are all to be found along the line. A number of cafes and restaurants are spread out among the shops, although these are generally more expensive than usual.

Just off Long Street you can find Green market Square, a tourist hub where traditional African merchandise is sold in market stalls. Wooden masks, drums, T-shirts and other souvenirs are sold here during the day, and you will find that the vendors are friendly, although insistent. Haggling is advised if you are set on buying your souvenirs here.

One of the most celebrated restaurants on Long Street is Mama Africa, where traditional African meals are accompanied by live music, and at night there are often high quality music performances by Cape Towns top jazz and African musicians and collectives. Night life on Long Street has always been vibrant and the large and diverse set of clubs, pubs, cafes and lounge bars attract people from inside and outside of Cape Town with different lifestyles and backgrounds.

Hip-hop and R&B have gained significant popularity recently among the local city dwellers. Jo’burg is one of the busiest venues for this scene.  Electronic music is also on the rise, and several clubs have caught on and play the latest psytrance, fidget, electro, wildbeat, drum ‘n’ bass, dubstep, and more. Rhino Room and Fiction are two most prominent electro clubs. For a more relaxed night out, the Irish pub the Dubliner and the mellow alternative balcony-clad Neighborhood provide the perfect setting for a drink and the chance to meet other people.

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