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Bulgaria is a country in the Balkans in south-eastern Europe, south of the River Danube . Bulgaria borders five other countries, Romania to the north, Serbia and Macedonia to the west, and Greece and Turkey to the south. In the east it is bordered by the Black Sea. Its total area is 42,823 square miles and the capital and largest city is Sofia. Bulgaria consists of twenty-eight provinces, all take their names from their respective capital cities.



Varna (Варна) is the largest city and seaside resort on the Bulgarian more



Plovdiv (Пловдив) is the second largest city in Bulgaria after it's capital more



Burgas, or Bourgas, is the second largest city in Bulgaria. It is located more



Vratza, or also spelled as Vratsa, is a city in the northwest more



Sofia, one of the oldest cities in Europe, is the capital of more

Bulgaria is a parliamentary democracy with a president as head of state, the current president is Georgi Parvanov, who is also president of the Consultative Council for National Security and Commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

The ancient civilizations in the culture, history and heritage of Bulgaria left their traces. There are numerous tombs and golden treasures and many of the archaeological finds dating from Roman times. Heritage in music and in early architecture show traces of the ancient Bulgarians. Southwest of the village Sveshtari, in the northeast of the Bulgarije. lies the Thracian tomb Sveshtari. The fundamental principles of religious buildings you find there, the tomb of the architectural design is considered unique, with the murals and polychrome half-human, half-plant caryatids. Near the town of Kazanlak in central Bulgaria contains a large brick vaulted tomb, the Thracian tomb of Kazanlak . There is a narrow corridor and a round burial chamber, both decorated with murals of horses. These beautiful paintings from the Hellenistic period are the best preserved across Bulgaria.

The Cyrillic alphabet is in many different languages in Eastern Europe and Asia used, their origin lies in two schools in Bulgaria, the tenth century AD. The Preslav and Ohrid Literary schools to pursue literary and cultural influence on the Eastern Orthodox Slavic world.

In Bulgarian cuisine there are always rich salads with every meal and there are many different hot and cold soups, such as a cold soup, Tarator, made from yogurt, cucumber, garlic, walnuts, dill, vegetable oil and water. Banitsa is a traditional Bulgarian pastry made from a mixture of whisked eggs and pieces of filo pastry and siren between, making the layers, then get it baked in the oven

Bulgaria has a beautiful landscape, it has historic towns and villages along the beautiful Black Sea beaches, spas and natural springs, beautiful orchards and sunny vineyards. In the winter snow-capped mountains and pine forests stretching far as the eye can see, this is a wonderful ski area. In Bourgas there is an Action Aquapark, for lots of water fun and in Sofia you will find Kokoadnia, that is a place where the whole family can have fun in several attractions. At Festa Delfinarium in Varna you can see a remarkable Dolphin Show, conducted in four languages at a time: Bulgarian, Russian, German and English.

Since 2007 Bulgaria is member of the EU, as a European citizen there is no visa required, for a visit of less than 90 days. Your passport has to be valid till the day you leave Bulgaria. Citizens of other country’s can request a visa at the Bulgarian Embassy or Consulate.

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