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Hailed by many as one of the most breath-taking cities in the world, Budapest is Hungary’s capital city. It is also Hungary’s largest. Its beauty largely owes much to the fact that Budapest can offer both natural wonders and architectural gems in one sweeping panorama: the River Danube glitters from the sparkling city, especially by night. The city is east of the Buda Hills and is sometimes dubbed as the City of Spas because of its several thermal baths. According to the latest measurement, Budapest has recorded that about 1.7 million people regularly enjoy Budapest.

Budapest is a great place for both fun-loving tourist and the historian. The party-until-dawn vibe, combined with the intricately detailed buildings, creates a feast for the senses. You will not lack for cultural immersions in the City of Spas. There are theaters and operas to dress up for and folk music to dance to and be free with. If you look closer though, you will find some cracks on the city’s porcelain perfection. The city has endured and has tried to rise against past troubles with pollution and decaying infrastructure. Still, even through ghostly reminders of a not-so-pretty past, you will find both residents and tourists enjoying the romance provided by Budapest.

The fastest way to get there is to book a flight stopping at Budapest Ferihegy International Airport. From there, you have a vast choice of public transport, from buses and taxis to railways and trams. If you want to truly enjoy the city’s culture go for unique rides, such as chairlifts and trolleybuses. Keep away from unmarked taxis, however; they are unregistered and the drivers may ask you to pay ridiculously high fares. Before you visit, take note that the summers can get sweltering hot; the temperature can reach 86 Fahrenheit or even 105 Fahrenheit. The winters have freezing temperatures of as lows -23 Fahrenheit.

If you are going to visit Hungary as a tourist, you do not need a visa to stay for up to three months. However, you must show documents that prove that you will be leaving the country at a certain date. Your US passport must also be valid for at least three months more than your planned stay. You may be able to stay for more than three months but you have to bring additional documents, such as proof of financial capacity, tickets, hotel reservations and insurance policies.

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