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Bogotá is located in the central region of Colombia, in South America. With an estimated population of over 675,000, Bogotá is the most populous city in the country. The city has earned the nickname “the Athens of South America” because it has numerous universities and museums. With a land area of nearly 670 square miles, Bogotá is the largest city in Colombia.

The city of Bogotá is well-known for its beautiful parks, which number close to 4,6 thousand in total. Bogotá also has numerous attractions that bring in tourists from around the world. Aside from the many universities and museums in the city, Bogotá is also famous for having beautiful architecture, a lively art scene, and some great shops and restaurants to enjoy. Bogotá cuisine is a mix between Pre-Columbian times and Spanish cuisine, which is a testament to the country’s mix of indigenous and Spanish influences. Tourists can enjoy the historic center of the city, La Candelaria, or the more modern aspect of Bogotá, its vibrant night-life.

The main international airport servicing travel to and from Bogotá is El Dorado International Airport. Bogotá’s transportation infrastructure has been upgraded throughout the city and it is now better than ever. With a transportation system called the Transmilenio, it can be quite easy to get around the city. Aside from the Transmilenio buses, other public buses and private taxis cruise the streets of Bogotá as well. Colectivos are small buses that run routes all throughout the city, making them a viable choice for any tourist. Finally, tourists can also rent bicycles to experience the everyday life along the streets and around the parks.

Another popular destination a lot of travelers tend to see after quality spend time in Bogotá is Cartagena, Colombia’s best and most popular beach resort town. The best to travel to this destination is by airplane, a flight takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Bogotá.

Tourists staying in Colombia for up to 90 days will not need a visa, but tourists planning on staying longer can get a permit for an extra 120 days of stay. Business travelers are required to have a business visa and a return ticket is required for anyone traveling to Bogotá, Colombia.

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