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Happy Gift

In the narrow streets of Bangkok, Chinatown right across the corner of Wanit 1 Road shines a bright pink light in the darkness. Happy Gift. While some may say it’s location is hidden or not findable, surely no one especially tourist and Thai teens can resists having a peak in this odd placed 5 floors department store filled with just about anything that’s considered cute.

Shopping at Happy Gift is truly a kids and adults fantasy, if you are looking for something specific may that be mouse pads, clothing, jewelry, pillows or chocolate paper clips from Hello Kitty to Disneyland. You will find it all, if you can’t find, get lost or in need of any help or information inquire one of the at least 50 employees they have throughout the store. At the 1th floor next to the cashier there’s an information counter where you can contact Mr. Wassamol Naktham the area manager.

The brilliance of this store and they way to display their merchandise, also due to the fact it has five floors makes you feel guilty not buying anything from the store which is like most shops in Chinatown opened from 9 AM in the morning till 6 PM evening.

The exact address and contact details you can find below.

Happy Gift, IT Works CO LTD.
303 Wanit 1 Road.
Chakkawat Samphanthawong
Bangkok 10100

T: 02-2226-0299
C: 08-9110-8778

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