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Auckland City

Auckland City is the most populous city and local authority covering the Auckland isthmus, most of the islands within the Hauraki Gulf and North Island of New Zealand. It’s situated in the Auckland Region where also the Auckland Regional Council is based. In 2009, it was rated the 4th best place to live worldwide. As of latest measurement the city of Auckland has a population of 450 thousand.

The city of Auckland has been divided in several districts including; Manukau (south), Waitakere (west) and North Shore (north). It’s often referred to as “City of Sails” for the large number of yachts that lie in the Waitemata Harbour and Hauraki Gulf, but perhaps its best known as the “City of Volcanoes” with about 48 individual volcanoes active on the Auckland Volcanic Field. Further more brings Auckland’s rich Pacific cultural mix many festivals to the city, popular by locals and tourists. As a travel destination it fits all the basic needs for any traveler, such as active nightlife, restaurant and shopping scenes.

Auckland City is an easy reach from anywhere in the world, simply book your ticket to New Zealand’s largest airport: Auckland International Airport. The airport has direct connections to locations in the South Pacific, United States, Asia and also Buenos Aires and Santiago in South America. From the airport you can take an airport shuttle or taxi to the city.

For American citizens, no visa is required. When coming from a visa-free country, you would have to present proof of further travel such as travel tickets and evidence of sufficient funds for the entire trip. As for the passport, it must be at least three months valid after your last day in New Zealand. You also have to prove that you are leaving the country at an appointed time. Not only that, you also have to show that you have enough funds per person for each month of stay. The good thing is that your visa may cover your spouse and your dependent children.

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