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Arinsal is a village located at the head of valley with small mountainous and rocky landscapes in the Pyrenees mountains of Andorra, Europe. Nowadays the village is known as a ski resort which has shown significant growth in the recent years which attracted new hotels and restaurants owners to this area. The ski resort is only seasonal and pretty much everything is closed once the season is over. The Arinsal Ski Resort is very popular with foreign travelers.

The city of Arinsal can easily be reached by car through the main road up from La Massana which originally comes from Andorra La Vella within 10 minutes. If you prefer public transport, you can choose to travel by bus. Be sure to check the time schedule since its not a daily service.

Arinsal is a good city for outdoor activities, besides skiing for novice and intermediate skier it possible to take a long walk and enjoy the mountain scenery, or to go up hiking and climbing the mountains. All over the town there’s ski and snowboard stores along with a couple of supermarkets, if you go to Andorra for shopping purposes you’re better of visiting Andorra la Vella for duty free shopping at department stores. During off and/or no season months the area is suitable for hiking and/or biking around the mountains.

If you are an American citizen seeking to enter Andorra, Arinsal you will need a valid passport. You also need to present a return ticket from Andorra towards an foreign destination. You can stay up with 90 days without the need of any visa.

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