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Delta Park Neeltje Jans

Delta Park Neeltje Jans is an fantastic water theme park in the province Zeeland, Netherlands. In 1953 drives a northwesterly storm the water of the North Sea till 4.20 above N.A.P, the dikes in South West Netherlands break and 200.000 hectare land become overwhelmed with swirling salt seawater. It was a major disaster for the citizens which is still remembered every year, for this reason the Dutch government decided to build the Delta works.

The Delta expo and the Delta Finale film are a step by step record of the history and construction of the barrier. The Delta Park, Neeltje Jans started as an informative park for school field trips, but nowadays it’s more of an water theme park.

There’s are all sorts of attractions such as the amazing underwater world of the Eastern Schelde in New Aqua polis, the biggest salt water aquarium in Zeeland. There are colorful sea anemones, shrimps, lobsters, rays and other fish, all protected by the permeable storm surge barrier. When you take the Boat trip you will see the natural world of the Eastern Schelde and sometimes seals and harbor porpoises are spotted.

You can also visit several expositions, like the Whale World. In a futuristic whale pavilion you can meet marine mammals like dolphins and whales of which there is an 72 ft. skeleton. Or visit the Mussel Exhibition an interactive program providing wealth information on mussels. How mussels are important for medicines, beauty industry and kitchen. You can see in which environment they live. Then there is Max the Mammoth, it’s a skeleton of a prehistoric bull mammoth, with a shoulder height of around 10.6 ft. and a length of 17.2 ft. He was estimated to be around 55 years old when he died between 30 and 50 thousand years ago.

Other attractions which are a lot of fun are the Seals, you can see them at close range in the seal pool and they are lying often on the sandbars near Neeltje Jans. You can experience a storm, wind force 12, in the Hurricane Simulator. In the 3D film sharks come very close and octopuses try to catch you. There even animated images which will take you back to the age of the dinosaurs. On the water playground you can create a waterfall, operate sluices or pump water using the treadmill. It’s great fun to walk across shifting, musical stones.

For more fun with water you can try rushing down the water-slide or step on Moby Dick, the ship that will swing you up and down and from the left to the right. If you’re getting a little tired from all the excitement, try sitting down at the restaurant to enjoy a taste of some real Zeeland specialties like pancakes from local cuisine.