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Walcheren is a peninsula in the province of Zeeland in the Netherlands, enclosed by the Nord Sea, the Westerschelde and the Veerse Meer. The coastline consists of dunes and made up dykes. Walcheren counts 113.000 residents, on a area of 216 square kilometers, it’s the densely populated area of Zeeland. In 1953 Zeeland was caught by a flood disaster, but Walcheren had almost no damage. To prevent such a catastrophe, the Netherlands started in 1958 the Delta works.

A dam across the Oosterschelde connected Walcheren to North Beveland, which in his turn, has been connected to the province North Brabant at the mainland. A side effect of these Delta works where that the connection of Walcheren whit the rest of the Netherlands eminent was improved. The dam across the Oosterschelde closed in the water off the Veerse Meer, which became a popular aquatics area, what attracts many tourists.

Middelburg is the provincial capital, it lies in the centre of Walcheren. It a beautiful town, where you can travel with an open boat through the old canals. On both sides there are beautiful old buildings en warehouses, there are very low bridges and an old sluice. Your guide will tell you all about it during the trip. In Middelburg there is also Family Amusement Mini Mundi, it has amongst other things a family coaster, a swing boat and there is a 10 meter high balloon tower. For the kids there is an inside and outside playground.

Vlissingen is the main harbor, it lies in the south. A great attraction in Vlissingen is the Arsenaal, It’s a sea aquarium, where they have the biggest collection off marine animals. You even can pet sharks and rays here. There is an 65 meter high viewing-platform with a spectacular view over sea and from where you also have a view at one off the Europe’s biggest harbors. Fort Rammekens is the oldest sea fort of West Europe, its partly due, but has still the impressive appearance of time. It was build in 1547. Fort Rammekens forms the heart of a unique nature on the banks of the Westerschelde. It’s surrounded by a beautiful wooded area where you can take a delightful walk. It’s a beautiful and quiet environment.

The Veerse Meer is a unique world in development for diving enthusiasts. Eels, lobsters, anemones, shrimps and flatfish can be seen at every dive, as can also the beautifully brilliant-colored colonies of tube sea-squirts. The Veerse Meer is also an aquatic area, where you can go surfing, sailing, wakeboarding, kite-surfing and waterskiing. Naturally you can just enjoy the beaches from Walcheren for swimming, walking or building a sand castle There are several good restaurants en theatres on Walcheren, and you can chose to overnight in a luxury hotel or sleep in a beach hut or on a campsite. Walcheren is fun for everyone.