Valkenburg is town in the municipality Valkenburg aan de Geul, in the province Limburg. It includes the hamlets Emmaberg and Heek. Valkenburg has a high tourist character. The construction of the railway Valkenburg / Aachen in 1853 with a station in Valkenburg provided a good accessibility of the town. The old station is still in use. In 1885 was established in Valkenburg the first VVV of the Netherlands, to provide tourists of better information. There is something for everyone in Valkenburg, there is beautiful nature, caves and mines, amusement parks and cycling events and of course there are bars, hotels and restaurants.

Valkenburg is both nationally and internationally known as great location for cycling events. The World Cup was held four times, in 1938, 1948, 1979 and 1998., and in 1992 and 2006 an stage of the Tour de France arrived in Valkenburg. There are several country championships and arrivals in overnight rates and since 2003 the finish of the Amstel Gold race is on the top of the Cauberg.

The subterranean marl pits, as the Gemeentegrot and the Fluweelengrot, which are mined in Roman times, are beautiful to visit. In the Gemeentegrot you can see the natural conditions long before our era, by fossils and shell layers. There is also a fascinating overview of various art forms and lives of countless generations of people. You will find murals and plaques showing you the past

The Fluweelengrot is the oldest cave in South Limburg, it is a marlstone quarry excavation. The cave is a permanent naturally 12 degrees Celsius year-round. It has many secrets, like impressive wall murals, inscriptions, strange sculptures in the soft marlstone walls and a romantic chapel dating from the French period under Napoleon (18th century).

In the Second World War, during the German occupation, the cave served as a hideout for the people of Valkenburg and for the American troops. All these events have left their mark on this place, which we can still see today.

In the coal mine there is a atmospheric cinema underground. There you can see a unique film from the State Mines (DSM) from the mid sixties. This movie gives you a good picture of all facets of mining. After the film you can go along whit a former miner in the world of coal mining. Experience the hard, but impressive world of the miners, a journey past the machines, which were used for coal winning.

At Valkenburg there is fun for everyone. Amusements park De Valkenier is a family park, with a Dino World, the Lunar rocket, indoor Dwarves Play Land, a Little horses circuit and a Old-timer circuit. There are Bumper cars and Minicars a Roller-coaster and Fun-Sidings and a lot more.

Het Sprookjesbos is a theme park that is intended primarily for children, but walking around in the wonderful Fairy Tale Forest, even adult will have also fun, while watching one of the many beautifully depicted stories. They are all there, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Little Red Riding Hood.

At the head of the Cauberg there is a spa, the Thermae 2000 , where you can relax in the tropical heat of the thermal baths or even doze during an massage. In the Holland Casino you can play Roulette, Black Jack or slot machines. It is also an evening entertainment with fun, excitement and unique atmosphere, good food and entertainment. There is also a cable car in Valkenburg which takes you to the watchtower for a beautiful view. In winter there are several Christmas markets, even in the caves.

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