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Friday, January 15th, 2010

Coroico is a town located in the Nor Yungas Province, in the La Paz Department of western Bolivia. The city was founded above the Kori Huayco River, meaning “Golden Valley” in Aymara. It has been build from the profits from mining gold back in 17th century. As of latest measurement the city of Coroico has a population of 30 thousand people.

The town of Coroico is a good place to spend a day before heading up to La Paz, or further into the Jungle. Because Coroico’s the lower elevation, the weather is quite nice by comparison to La Paz, and has a resort-like ambiance to it. Recently opened is the new highway to Coroico, which makes the town an easy access to point from other domestic destinations. For the adventurous traveler you make a trip from Coroico to La Paz on the so called “World Most Dangerous Road”.

The surrounding areas of Coroico are famous for hiking, many of the local travel agencies offer one day hikes where you can walk, climb and swim when seeing the local agriculture, old Casa da Hacienda which are the houses of former landowners, virgin forests and Afro-Bolivian communities. Another upcoming community is the eco tourism in the region, where local guides offer excursions the most beautiful valley with a fabulous cloud forest with monkeys jumping around, and as highlight the forgotten Inca Trail carved into the sheer canyon walls.

To visit Bolivia, you will need a valid passport and about a hundred dollars for the visa. You need to fill in a visa application form as well. You also need to submit proof of sufficient funds for your stay, proof of return travel, and, if coming from Brazil or Paraguay, a proof that you have had your yellow fever vaccination.