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Thursday, March 26th, 2009

The Netherlands Antilles is composed of the ABC islands: Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao. The capital of and the largest city in the whole Netherlands Antilles is Willemstad, which is located in Curaçao. However, its position as the capital may not be solely dependent on being the largest city. Willemstad is also home to a harbor, which is recognized as one of the biggest oil handling ports not just in the Antilles but also in the whole Caribbean. It is near the South American oilfields. Willemstad is home to 125 thousand people according to the latest measurement.

The big city-small town effect on Willemstad is not quite what you will expect. In other countries, the cities offer the most fun and variety, while the towns offer peace and quiet. In Willemstad, city life is very ordinary that you would crave for the “town” sector where Dutch heritage is most evident. In this area, you could feel like you are in a tiny portion of its ruling country, the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

It is better to get in and out of Willemstad through flights from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, from Aruba or Bonaire, and from the United States. Though you may expect to pass by the island of Curaçao via cruise ship, you will not find a regular trip via boat or ferry. Inside the city of Willemstad, you can get around by bus or taxi.  Ask about fares at the airport because taxi fares are fixed. If you want to see more of Willemstad or the whole of Curaçao, you may opt to rent a car. Because the climate is tropical in Willemstad, expect steady warm temperature from morning to night. The average temperature ranges from 73 degrees Fahrenheit to 87 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you want to visit any part of the Netherlands Antilles, you need to have your passport ready and valid for at least three months. This is because you cannot stay in the region for up to three months without visa. You also have to present your travel documents, proving that you are planning to leave by a certain date.