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Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Kingston is the largest English-speaking city within the Caribbean, as well the capital of Jamaica and is its cultural, financial and industrial center. The city is situated on the south eastern coast of the island and has a population of 800 thousand people.

Kingston city structure involves a mixture of modern and old, its city life is among the best and the worst known in the Caribbean. For travelers there’s a excellent hotel structure, fine dining facilities and great shopping deals such as the Sovereign Shopping Center and the Chelsea Galleries. The narrow downtown streets are lined with higglers (street vendors). The commerce style of the higglers is known as uncomfortable and unwelcome, therefore Downtown Kingston is not recommended for a relax day of shopping. Visit the New Kingston areas for shopping pleasure in the numerous shopping malls.

The city is filled with historic museums and buildings, like the Arawak museum, National Gallery and Devon House. Those who think of Jamaica, think of Bob Marley, Kingston has the one and only Bob Marley Museum on the globe. Bob Marley’s lifestyle is still followed by many of the Jamaicans, this seems fine but it has increased drugs use which led to higher crime and petty theft in the city.

Travelers to Jamaica are required a valid passport and visa. American citizens are required a valid passport and proof of a hotel booking only. Jamaica has a tropical climate around the year with constant high temperatures therefore it has no seasonal variation. When rain comes, its short yet heavy and followed by sunshine.