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Friday, August 14th, 2009

Official known as Santiago de los Treinta Caballeros this city is the second largest in the Dominican Republic. It is located on hilly terrain in the middle of the Cibao Valley in the north central of the country. The city once was founded in 1495 after European colonization. After being destroyed by an earthquake it was moved to its present location in 1506. Santiago has an approximate population of 1.9 million inhabitants.

Santiago is mostly depended on the fertile lands. The city has experienced a rapid growth and development. Although tourism is an important part of income, the city still could face some problems with electricity and water infrastructure. It is now the major industrial center of its country. In the mid 20th century Santiago and the Dominican Republic were freed from the regime of dictator Rafael Trujillo. The city is still growing with different new projects in planning, such as parks, hotels and malls.

There are different art and culture sight and museums in Santiago. The Cathedral was built in 1895, the Hermanos Patiño Bridge in 1962. The Monument to the Heroes of the Restoration is a 220 foot high marble monument on the hill that overlooks the city. Interesting museums include Museo del Tabaco, Museo Histórico Fortaleza San Luis and Centro León. The city does have a blooming and active nightlife. After dark Santiago becomes a party city.

Travelers to the Dominican Republic require a valid passport and visa. American citizens need only a valid passport, other nationalities may require a valid visa. Santiago has a tropical climate but it is often cooler and cloudier than in Santa Domingo, because of its location of 600 feet below sea level. July and August are the warmest month in this city.