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Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Tropical and natural – this is Nassau, the capital of Bahamas. It is the largest city of the Bahamas and has a population of around 260 thousand inhabitants. The city is a prime commercial, cultural, and political hub although there is no local government. Nassau sits comfortably on Providence Island and is easily recognizable for its attractive harbor and exciting nightlife.

Nassau is a prime tourist destination for its sun, surf, food, and nightlife. Experience the best of the tropical world in this city that boasts an even mix of the nature of the tropics, international travel, and a distinct Victorian past which one can discover through its preserved mansions, cathedrals, and ruined forts all reminders of Nassau’s well-reserved history. For a better appreciation of the city, a citywide view can be provided by a short trip to the Coral Island, location of the hundred-foot tower. After a day of cultural sightseeing, relax and unwind at the many upscale hotels, or give the international casinos a try. Nassau is the shopper’s paradise set in the lush greenery of the tropics.

Getting around Nassau can be done by minibus, taxi, bike, car, or scooter. The scooter is the most popular ride in town, although tourists are advised not to go to sparsely populated areas and “over-the-hill,” an area south of downtown where crime is known to occur. Walking is also popular. From the beach, you can walk in your flip-flops and pay the Government House a visit before heading out to the Bay Street market.

The best time to visit Nassau is from May to September, when the summer is in full swing. US tourists do not need a visa to travel to Nassau. All that is needed is a valid passport, return tickets, and proof of sufficient funds for the entire trip.