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Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Freeport is a city on the island of Grand Bahama and it was founded in 1955 by Wallace Groves. It soon grew into the second most populous city of the Bahamas, after capital city Nagau. Freeport operates as a trade free zone, businesses don’t have to pay taxes before 2054. The city is located close to Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

Freeport had over half a million of tourists before two major hurricanes hit the island in 2004. The tourist industry in the city is mostly on the seaside suburb of Lucaya. Here you will find the only important market. Look out for small resellers, don’t buy from the many international shops as prices are very high here. Life on the Bahamas is more expensive than in America. Try to pay cash to avoid having to pay taxes. Most of the hotels in Freeport are located along the southern shore. Although life is expensive, you can stay for reasonable prices when booking before your travel. Restaurants, bars and shops are found in the Lucayas Beach Resort.

Freeport has some nice clean beaches to relax. There are many couples that spend their honeymoon here. Tourists can book water bikes or go diving. The city has three national parks, The Rand Nature Centre, the small isle Petersons Cay National Park and the Lucayan National Park. The last Park is 40 acres large and has five ecological zones, from the south shore to the pine yard. Beneath the Park there is an extensive underwater cave system which is one of the longest in the world. Two of the caves are accessible via a short footpath.

Travelers to Freeport need a valid passport and return ticket. American citizens don’t require a visa, only proof of sufficient funds. The easiest way to reach the city is by a cruise departing from Fort Lauderdale. The port and airport are not near the city, so reaching the city will cost extra.