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San Marino City

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

The City of San Marino is a small city in an already tiny country of the same name. The country, the Republic of San Marino, is located in the Italian peninsula. Its capital city, the City of San Marino, is actually only the third largest city in the republic and is not even the center of business. The city is smaller than Borgo Maggiore, a city which also acts as the capital of business. However, San Marino City is considered to be more attractive than cities larger than it. It is also located on a mountain top and is crowned with the same name as the country. San Marino City is home to only 4,5 thousand people according to the latest measurement.

There was a time when San Marino City was the only city of the republic it belongs to. This must be why the city is named after the country. The capital city of San Marino does have its share of tourists, being visited by about three million a year even though it is a very small city of about 1600 square miles. These few square miles are home to seven parishes, including Muntalbo and Casole.

The whole republic of San Marino has a gorgeous Mediterranean climate. It is rare to find yourself caught up in freezing temperature or in a sweltering hot one. This means that you do not have to worry too much on temperatures which are about subzero or over 195 degrees Celsius. If you still want to avoid its warm summers and cool winters, you can always visit during another season. If you do get to visit, know that you need to book a flight to a nearby city because the whole republic does not have an airport. Consider booking a flight to Rimini, Forli, Ancona or Bologna. Once inside the republic, you can get around by bus or car as there are no railways.

If you are a US passport holder, you do not really need a visa to stay in San Marino for 90 days or less. Just present your passport. You will also notice that the country does not have strict border controls so you can easily drive from a nearby country.